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Breen Student Union and Hall of Arts and Letters Courtyard
PPG Glass Education CenterResources, Information and Support
Successful Specification of Large IGUs

Glass is a beautiful building material -- one that can be used for both small windows or large expanses. In the past it was more difficult to specify large insulated glass units (IGUs), limiting architects in their creative glass-inspired ideas. However, today, manufacturing and technological advancements have made it easier than ever to specify large pieces of glass. Understanding the major factors to consider during the specification process will not only add to the aesthetic value of your design but also to its performance. Head over to the PPG Education Center for best practices when working with large IGUs.


Marching Band on the Field
Clear Luxury. Timeless Beauty.
Clarvista Shower Glass by PPG

Whether you're designing a new bathroom or redesigning one, you want the beauty of the shower glass to shine through for years to come. Make the beauty last with the timeless clarity of Clarvista Glass. Clarvista Glass is a factory-fused coating that protects the clarity of shower glass against dullness caused over time by the corrosive effects of heat and humidity. It's the perfect choice for today's seamless shower designs because it protects the clarity right from the beginning and keeps it clear for the lifetime of the glass. The fused-on Clarvista Glass coating gives a super-smooth, protective seal that helps keep shower glass cleaner longer and makes it easier to clean.


Crawford Hall

SEE AND BE SEEN. Why tell you about PPG's global footprint and product capabilities when we can show you? We're collecting images of projects around the world that feature PPG IdeaScapes products and we need your help!


Glass Labyrinth


Kansas City, Missouri


The Nelson-Atkins
Museum of Art


BNIM Architects


Robert E. Morris


Ultra-Clear Glass

Legendary artist Robert E. Morris used more than 400 tons of 1-inch-thick, double-paned plate glass, including ultra-clear Starphire glass and a Sentry Glass interlayer to create the Glass Labyrinth. Built to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, the triangular labyrinth is constructed with glass plate walls capped with bronze.

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Formawall® Dimension Series® 2" (51 mm) Horizontal Flat



  • Substrate & Core:
    • Standard – 22/26 gage G-90 galvanized steel face and liner with HCFC-free polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam-insulated core. Optional gages available.
  • Panel Width: 10" to 40" [254mm to 1016mm]
  • Panel Length
    • Smooth – 1’ [305mm] min. to 16’ [4.88m] max.
    • Embossed striated – 1’ [305mm] min. to 37’ [11.28m] max.
    • Embossed – 1’ [305mm] min. to 37’ [11.28m] max.
    • Duracast – 1’ [305mm] min. to 28’ [8.53m] max.
  • Panel Thickness/Depth of Reveal
    • 2" [51mm] with 1-3/16” [30mm] deep reveal – standard
  • "R" Value
    • 2" [51mm] panel with 1/2” [13mm] reveal – R14